We at Synapse believe in the value of integration. Our focus is on enabling our clients to make better and informed business decisions based on robust information. We do that by employing our capabilities as Managed Services Experts, Application Solution Providers, ERP Architects, Network and Cyber Security Specialists, in tackling business challenges facing our clients. Currently, we are helping 4000+ employees from 51 nationalities with operations and subsidiaries spread across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Our Infrastructure, Enterprise Resource Planning and In-house solutions are a promise for corporate  efficiency. 

Synapse has the ability to leverage all IT solutions and fields to tackle our client’s challenges. Our philosophy depends on discussing with our clients the challenges which they face, after which our team will be able to suggest the IT field and solution best suited to resolving the challenge with maximum efficiency.

We look forward to supporting our clients’ bottom line with high-care IT solutions.

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