How 5G works? What Are the 5G Benefits? 5G vs 4G

  • 5G is Coming to Oman 

    Ooredoo and Omantel have successfully upgraded their Home Broadband Network sites making them compatible with the highly anticipated 5G technology. The service is expected to soon arrive in Oman. The news is great but it is important to first have an idea of what exactly is 5G technology. 

    As confirmed by the Omantel’s spokesperson. It is important to note that all mobile networks are not going to support 5G from the word go. According to the official representatives, Omantel is ready to launch 5G. Few mobiles companies are ready to support the high-speed Fifth-Generation iteration to facilitate their customers.

    What is 5G?

    Everyone loves greater internet speed with efficient connectivity. 5G stands for Fifth-Generation – the cellular technology that is going to facilitate wireless connectivity with optimized responsiveness and higher speed than ever before. 

    Expected 5G Broadband Speed 

    According to the experts, 5G will serve wireless broadband connections with:

    • 20Gbps (estimated peak download speed) or 2.5GB/s 

    • 10Gbps (estimated peak upload speed) or 1.25GB/s

    This is going to change everything in terms of speed. Let’s simplify things with the real-life speed comparison between different technologies. 

    Suppose you are going to download a 3GB movie, this is the expected time it will take for different networks to complete the download:

    • 3G – 68 minutes (average) 

    • 4G – 40 minutes (average) 

    • 4G LTE – 27 minutes (average) 

    • Gigabit LTE – 61 seconds (average) 

    • 5G – 35 seconds (average) 

    Let’s have a look at some other common-place examples to make it easier to set our expectations realistically about 5G speed. Remember, the speed varies from location to location depending on the network provider. So let’s see how it works at different speed levels. 

    • 1Gb/s – You can download 75 JPG images just in a couple of seconds, i.e. a total of 300MB 

    • 5Gb/s – 5G will take just around 8 seconds to download the complete season of The Office. This is a 5GB data if you download from Netflix 

    • 15GB/s – It will take as little as one minute to download a 105GB archive in case if you need to download back up data on a new device 

    • 20GB/s – It will take around 120 seconds (2 minutes) to download the complete Avatar: Special Edition which is as large as 276GB 

    Wider Bandwidth 

    Just as a wider road allows more vehicles to pass through at a given time, wider bandwidth allows more data to travel at a given time. It means that the chances of speed-throttling will be minimum. 5G features wider bandwidth hence allowing the transmission of more data. 

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