Apple TV+ will launch in November for $9.99, facing off against Disney+ at $6.99


Of all the news, we had to see this coming. The streaming battles are getting heated and there is no bound when it comes to Apple Inc. and Disney Empire. Apple TV has been developing original content and now it is ready to get a platform to share it. This coming Fall, Apple is set to make a risky project outside its familiar field of software and hardware when it launches the Apple TV+. It splashy unveil in March did not give clear information, but the event mentioned that unlike Hulu, Apple TV+ will not have ads and will be shown in more than 100 nations worldwide. This service will be a section of the family sharing service that Apple gives which permits five family members to share a plan.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s, Apple has set to launch, Apple TV+ in November for $9.99. The price tag and timing pit Apple Inc. directly against the giant entertainment empire Disney, which announced to launch Disney+ in November for a monthly subscription of $6.99. Currently, Disney’s offer looks appealing because the company has been present and has years of popular content ready to be viewed as compared to Apple The digital service by Disney will be a home for streaming all of Disney’s blockbuster movies, several Marvel original series, Star Wars, and other shows. Disney mentioned that all its customers will be able to subscribe to the service on various platforms including iOS. So it’s true that Apple will receive a cut from these subscriptions. Sources mention that Disney plans to integrate its content with the Apple TV app so that shows, originals and movies will be seen among other suggestions.

The war on streaming has been increasing for a decade now since Amazon and Netflix launched their streaming services — commencing what is seen as a rush of cable cord-cutting. According to Bloomberg, customers can sign up and watch Apple TV+ content through the newly redesigned application which will be present on Mac, Apple TV, iPad, and the iPhone. In addition, Apple TV+ will presumably be available on competitor’s devices too. The service will be available on smart TVs from Vizion, LG, Sony, and Samsung. This means that Apple TV+ will be restricted to clients who can access the above platforms. Looking at how much this will limit the growth of Apple TV+ is something new to watch.

The novel service by Apple is sparing no expense in its attempt to tempt its customers with several good renown directors, actors, and writers. The corporation is weighing its choices about the content material. While HBO releases weekly episodes and Netflix releases total seasons, Apple is contemplating on releasing the main three episodes of a season unpredictably then releasing episode after episode onwards. In addition to all the projects underway, Apple TV+ planning to award-worthy films annually with an aim of generating thrill for service and nabbing some award nomination on the way.

According to a report by the Financial Times, in response to its massive competition, the company increased its budget to $6billion from the previously stated budget of $1billion. This may be less than the $15billion budget set by Netflix and $24billion by Disney but Apple is not short of cash and has limitless resources at their disposal that will permit them to counter the gap with time as it pleases. Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is set to spend at least $300 million on the first two seasons of The Morning Show. Disney and Netflix are mainly entertainment corporations which imply that their revenues are generated purely from people paying through theatre tickets or subscription to watch. In regard, Apple Inc and Amazon are more alike

From Tim Cook perspective, it is very straightforward that Apple TV+ is not like Netflix. Apple has not shown any interest in securing popular shows like Friends or The office, which implies that it is primarily focused its $6billion budget on producing original content. Taking the aim to produce original shows and videos could be beneficial to Apple as an incentive for more people to purchase more iOS gadgets. You cannot say Apple without drawing into the importance of the iPhone. The phone accounted for a bigger sale tagging the company as the first US corporation to hit $1trillion.

Since its announcement, the Cupertino based company has released teasers and trailers for two of its biggest originals: For All Mankind, a show with a history alternative where Russia puts the first person on the moon and The Morning Show, a show about the morning broadcast team. Other famous names on board include JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey.

Nevertheless, the offer to provide a free trial is the safest bet for Apple. Apple has maintained its industrial standard after it launched the Apple Music with an extended free trial. For the Apple the length of free may vary depending if you possess an Apple device or not. Additionally, Apple will present Apple TV Channels which puts together streaming services such as Amazon Prime and cable subscription services into a TV application. Unfortunately, this does not include Netflix. Starting in May, the Apple TV app on iOS will incorporate the Apple TV Channels and later in MacOS.

Joining an already established and competitive sector, it may be a while until we see whether Apple will be able to beat other competitive streaming providers such as Hulu and Netflix. Considering the subscription-based service by YouTube, which was not a success, not every new entry is confidence to succeed. The fact is that anyone who wants a seat at the table should be ready to spend more billion — and that is the case where Apple has no problem. Analysts have looked into this issue and it has been mentioned that Apple TV+ subscriptions could increase to 100 million subscribers in the next five years which would be higher than Amazon or Netflix.

By Synapse.