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With our vast experience of working in the different industries in the business, we understand the requirements of enterprises very well and can liaison between the needs of enterprises and software developments technologies. With the growing advancements of the software development – especially smartphones everything has become today more productive. Synapse has a deep understanding of the fast-evolving of the software developments and the business process beside the technical skills. We enable quick access and fast process via well designed and purpose-built applications with the ability to integrate with almost any live database.

Here are some application developed by Synapse

SynapSign Application

To automate, simplify, speed-up and organize the operation process for your company,  Synapse has developed SynapSign Application, which allows companies to digitalize employees forms. Consent Form Application is a good example of SynapSign application. This application developed to track the employee performance on signing the privacy document which will be on a hard paper and then to is uploaded on the application. Moreover, the application will provide a real-time statistical report on how the process is going for each company and a report of the pending employee.

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Synapse Medical Application

An efficient medical application which helps hospitals & clinics to manage and store patients records as well as scheduling and billing with a lot of many functions such as referral, medical certificate and reports. Synapse Medical Application work with many other vertical companies such as oil & gas organization to do the pre-employment medical check-up&the monthly/annual test as required by many governments nowadays. Synapse Medical Application will help you to reduce operational cost, serve more patients, less errors, own your patients database.

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Synapse Asset Management

Nothing better than keeping everything in one single place. Synapse asset management would include maintenance services which linked with the vendors directly, financial management to manage the rents payments, human resource management along with perfect reports and analytics. This application can be integrated with external or built-in ERP, smart card attendance system, real-time visibility of asset availability and manages all the contracts to keep them in one place.

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SynapForm Application

Does your employee spend a lot of time on the daily tasks? 
Does the decision makers hardly find time to approve requests? 
Want to get rid of tons of papers of forms? Forms getting lost? 
Now, with SynapForm decrease the workflow time for your company daily tasks by doing them in SynapForm in a few clicks. Create the form, select the type of employee who can submit, select the approvals to pass the form between the decision makers, build the process faster to get more done.

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