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Network Optimization

Network Our infrastructure team with certified CICO Engineers has over 6 years of experience in developing and managing IT infrastructure. Rest easy knowing that your network services have been optimized to get the reliability and performance you need.

Benefits of network services

Every organization has a different set of requirements from its network. With our engineers, your performance is assured, allowing you to unlock the following benefits:

Lower Downtime

Every moment of downtime has negative effects on business operations and the brand. Make sure your network is always hard at work with our infrastructure support.

Reduced Overhead

Efficient systems mean better retrurn-on-investment for you and your business. We keep your system lean and easily managed.

Cost Savings

Get the highest value possible out of your infrastructure system. Our team has years of experience in cost-impact mangement of infrastructure systems

Our Network Services

Managing Infrastructure Projects
Evaluating new Products/ Technologies
Managing vendors, IT service contracts, Licenses and lease agreements
Developing & maintaining Technical Architecture
Managing Central Infrastructure (LAN/WAN networks, data Center and Servers, Hardware/ software/ user accounts)
Managing Cloud Services (Local IaaS & SaaS)

ERP Implementation

Implementing ERP solutions can present numerous challenges to organizations. Our expert team has effectively completed 70+ implementations of Oracle modules to our clients. We ensure continuous success in managing the complete project cycle

Supported Systems


Our expert team has completed over 70 Oracle module implementations on behalf of our clients across multiple disciplines and industries including Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas Services, Manufacturing, and others.

Custom ERP

The team has the capability to implement custom ERPs as per the requirements of our clients. Book a session with our ERP team to find the solution which best fits your organization.



Implement ERP modules with our team while maintaining cost and manhour efficiency.


Get an accurate, in-depth analysis of which module implementations are required based on your business requirements


Ensure that your team has the right knowledge to understand the ins and outs of your chosen ERP and get the most out of your implementation.

Ongoing support

Build long-term value from your new ERP  with multi-period and hassle-free support.

Software Development

Our team has created 40 applications to support business performance across departments and in different industries. Whether you want to customize one of our existing apps or to develop a never-before-seen solution, rely on our expert team of App developers and designers.

Our process is user and knowledge oriented. We empower you to reach the result you need by beginning with a consultation to identify the challenge you aim to solve and the best way to tackle it according to industry best practices. Once completed, we work closely with you and any required stakeholders to reach the final product you require.

Our apps depend on lean accelerated development to get a porotype ready for testing and improvement as soon as possible. This ensures that you will get a product that has been tested and was proven fit for use by real users.

Top Software Solutions

MB Connect

MB Connect is an integrated internal communication mobile application. Our client was facing an issue with providing convenient updates to its employees. The Software team analyzed the challenge facing our clients and provided an application which combines inter-company news, announcements, and discount coupons for employees.

The app increased access to information and employee engagement. It also eased the workload on internal comms employees who could now manage the system easily.

Service Platform

Service Platform is a web-based ticketing system which allows employees to request services from their colleagues. The client required a method to archive and track requests across functions.

The system allows employees to raise tickets and follow up on them, and for each department to have an archive of services provided in any given period. It also assists the departments in identifying most-demanded services and areas for improvement.

Salamatak App

Salamatak enhances field safety in the Oil and Gas industry by sending targeted HSE alerts to employees in the field. The client approached Synapse with a request to develop a method to send safety alerts to the employees at any time and any place. Synapse developed an app with multiple messaging types, as well as the capability to provide push notifications. The app also compresses images to minimize data usage requirements in remote areas. The app is now in use in the fields in Oman.

Projects Management System

The projects web application is an Executive Support System (ESS) which provides both high-level and in-depth updates to senior executives and CEOs on started, ongoing, delivered, and late projects along with milestones and updates. The client needed an easy-to-use, customizable system that they could use to keep track of their most important project.

The system was designed and delivered in-house and was able to support the CEO’s decision-making regarding which projects to prioritize, accelerate, or drop.

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